Hints and tips for your
Verve Intimate

Congratulations on booking your Verve Intimate photoshoot – we’re excited to welcome you into our studio.

Your photo shoot is an opportunity to honour your strength in a dynamic photo session. This guide will assist in your preparation.

We provide free pre-session consultations with our principal photographer and stylist. Want to delve deeper into your shoot before the session? Get in touch at info@verveintimate.com.au to schedule a discussion or send any enquiries our way.


Arrive early to settle in and get comfortable before the shoot. We also serve bubbles upon arrival (another great incentive to arrive early!) so aim to arrive 15 minutes before the shoot.


Intimate photography is fun, so relax and be in the moment. There’s no right or wrong way to do boudoir photography. It’s all about celebrating you in a way that makes you feel amazing.



Be sure to fill in the creative brief we send you. This will determine your preferred style of imagery for the shoot.


Loads of inspiration can be found on our Instagram so be sure to follow us.

Looking for some inspiration on what to wear to your shoot?

Click on the tabs below to see what other clients have chosen to wear to their shoot.

Intimate shoots are about freedom of expression and capturing imagery that is uniquely you, so don’t feel confined to these looks. We love to get creative and welcome your own personal style.

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Boxers / briefs

We recommend you bring along a selection of choices when it comes to underwear so that your photographer can see them and help you decide what will be the most appropriate. The photos below should help visualise what’s possible.

Grey, black or white singlets can also be a simple yet sexy piece to pack with you.


Jeans can be super sexy for our intimate photoshoots. Ripped, leather, classic Levis…the possibilities are endless. Bring a few different pairs and prepare to get creative

Suits / Jackets

A suit with nothing underneath is a subtle kind of sexy while still showing strength.

Alternatively bring a jacket, oversized shirt or overalls…bring your daytime wardrobe to be used with skin and nothing underneath.

Jumpers / tees

Keep things simple with jumpers and tees – movement is dynamic in photos so removing these items during a shoot can make for striking photos.

Adding a white singlet or mesh can also add to this look.


Go all out and don’t hold back. Bring your entire look and let’s create art!

What happens after the shoot?

Following the photoshoot, our dedicated team of editors and retouchers will prepare your images for viewing, which typically takes 3-5 days. Bring your calendar to your photoshoot to schedule your viewing session in advance.

We can’t wait to see you!

It’s perfectly natural to get nerves leading up to the shoot but rest assured our team will guide you through the creative journey and ensure you are super comfortable and enjoy this thrilling experience.

We can’t wait to create some stunning imagery of you. We absolutely love Intimate shoots and getting creative with our guests. 

If you would like to schedule a call with our stylist or have any questions, please call us on 1300 860 831 or email us at info@verveintimate.com.au